Internet services restored in Nuh, Congress MLA Maman Khan will be presented in court today

Haryana Nuh Violence Update: After the arrest of Congress MLA Maman Khan, internet services were stopped in Nuh for two days.

New Delhi:

Nuh Violence Update: Internet services have been restored in Nuh district of Haryana. Internet services were started after 12 o’clock last night. Congress MLA from Jhirka, Firozpur, Mamman Khan was arrested by Haryana Police in connection with the violence in Nuh. Internet services were shut down on Friday after the arrest of Maman Khan. To avoid any kind of violence and untoward incident, internet service was banned for two days.

Maman Khan will be presented in Nuh court today

Congress MLA from Firozpur Jhirka Maman Khan was produced in Nuh District Court after his arrest. Where the court has sent him on police remand for two days. Congress leader Maman Khan will be produced in Nuh court again today after 11 am. Nuh police is preparing to take Maman Khan on remand again. Maman Khan’s lawyers are fully prepared to argue in the court.

Maman Khan filed petition in Punjab-Haryana High Court

Let us tell you that Maman Khan had filed a petition in the Punjab-Haryana High Court to avoid arrest. But the court had clearly refused to give relief to Maman Khan. The court had said that if you want relief then you should go to the lower court. The next date of hearing in this case in Punjab-Haryana High Court was October 19.

Police have strong evidence against Maman Khan

Police sources claim that Haryana Police has strong evidence regarding Maman Khan’s involvement in the conspiracy of Nuh violence and to investigate this, Maman Khan was called twice to join the investigation. But both times Maman Khan did not join the investigation and approached the Punjab-Haryana High Court to avoid arrest.

According to sources, the police say that Maman Khan was not present at the violence site at the time of the violence, but he may have had a role in instigating the violence and inciting the crowd. But, Maman Khan says that he did not go there till a few days before the violence. However, the police say that according to his mobile tower location, his location was found within a range of one and a half kilometers from the violence site on July 29 and 30. Is.

6 people lost their lives in communal violence in Nuh

Communal violence broke out in Nuh during a procession on the afternoon of 31 July. This visit of Vishwa Hindu Parishad was suddenly attacked by the mob and there was a lot of vandalism. During this time, a large number of vehicles parked on the roadside were set on fire. Many shops were damaged and more than 100 vehicles were burnt. Six people, including two home guard soldiers, lost their lives in this communal violence.

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