New Delhi: Looking to save some extra cash while making payments? Well, look no further! The BHIM payments app is here with some alluring cashback offers that are bound to make your transactions even more rewarding. With a limited-time offer on the table, users have until March 31, 2024, to grab these deals and enjoy some extra cash in their pockets.

As we dive into the details, remember that combining two different cashback offers is the key to unlocking the full Rs 750 reward. Let’s break it down for you. (Also Read: Did You Know India’s Youngest Billionaire Is Only 27 Years Old? Know All About Him)

Flat Rs 150 Plus Rs 600 Cashback Offers: How To Claim?

For those who enjoy dining out or traveling, the BHIM app is offering a flat cashback of Rs 150. Simply make transactions exceeding Rs 100 for food and travel expenses through the app, and receive a flat Rs 30 cashback each time. (Also Read: Why RBI Taken Action Against Paytm Payments Bank? Check What Governor Shaktikanta Das Says)

Whether it’s booking railway tickets, taking cab rides, or paying restaurant bills via the merchant UPI QR code, you can earn up to Rs 150 in cashback. Just remember to claim this offer at least five times to unlock the full amount.

In addition, Rupay credit cardholders can link their cards to the BHIM App and unlock a whopping Rs 600 cashback offer.

This includes Rs 100 cashback on the first three transactions exceeding Rs 100 each, followed by an extra Rs 30 cashback on the subsequent 10 transactions exceeding Rs 200 each month. Make sure to complete all these transactions to enjoy the full Rs 600 cashback reward.

1 Percent Cashback On Fuel Payments

But wait, there’s more! BHIM App is also offering the Urja 1 percent scheme, giving users a flat 1 percent cashback on all fuel payments, be it petrol, diesel, or CNG.

Moreover, this benefit extends to utility bill payments such as electricity, water, and gas bills, provided the transaction amount is Rs 100 or more. Enjoy the convenience of cashback directly credited to your primary bank account linked to the BHIM app.


These enticing cashback offers on the BHIM App are available until March 31, 2024.