The name of India’s fast bowler Mohammed Shami, who performed brilliantly in the Cricket World Cup last year, remains in the headlines due to his cricket career and personal life. But despite this, Shami often looks calm inside and outside the field. Hardly anyone would have seen Shami misbehaving with any player, but when it comes to the country, Shami is at the forefront to fight for his country and something similar has happened this time too. Shami has strongly reprimanded former Pakistan cricketer Hasan Raza for making strange claims against India.

Let us tell you that during the ODI World Cup 2023 played in India, many former Pakistani cricketers had questioned the Indian fast bowlers and raised questions on the quality of the ball and the integrity of the umpires. One of them was Hasan Raza, who while talking on Pakistani channel recently had alleged that during the ODI World Cup, the umpires were giving different balls to the Indian bowlers and also accused the host team of manipulating DRS. .

Raza was quoted as saying, “We are seeing that when he is batting, he bats well and when India bowls, suddenly the ball starts moving. 7-8 close DRS calls have gone in his favor.”

Although he had to face severe criticism from Indian fans for this comment, former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram also slammed Raza. On this statement of Raza, he had said, whatever these people blow, bring me the same thing. After Akram’s reaction, Shami has also reacted to Raza’s statement.

Mohammed Shami also termed his statement as strange and said that he never enjoys India’s success and tries to find mistakes. Shami said that the former cricketer is also jealous and that is why he feels that Pakistan was cheated in the World Cup. Shami said, “Basically they have made cricket a joke because we do not enjoy each other’s success. When you are praised you become very happy, but when you lose you feel that you have been cheated. If you look at the records when we were part of the team, you will not find them anywhere near this. She looks completely jealous. What results can be achieved by burning so much?”

Shami had criticized Raza earlier also

It is not that Shami has scolded Raza for this for the first time. Earlier, Shami criticized the former PAK cricketer on his Instagram and said that he should feel some shame. If Raza does not want to listen to anyone then he should listen carefully to Pakistan’s great fast bowler Wasim Akram.

He wrote, ‘Shame on you friend, focus on the game and not on useless nonsense. Enjoy the success of others sometime. Shit man, it’s the ICC World Cup, you don’t have any local tournament and you were a player, right? Wasim Bhai had explained, still. You don’t trust your player Wasim Akram.

It is noteworthy that Shami, who performed brilliantly during the ODI World Cup, has been out of the team due to an ankle injury since the end of the tournament and has not yet returned to the team. According to reports, Shami may leave for Europe for treatment. Shami was not part of the Indian team for the first two matches of the five-match Test series against England and there is no possibility of his return for the remaining three matches. It is possible that these fast bowlers may make a comeback during the IPL but nothing is certain at the moment.

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