Online dating app Tinder is going to launch new membership plans soon. It is being said that these Tinder plans of Match Group are going to be high-end membership plans. It may be introduced with new features by the end of the third quarter of the year. Many changes can be seen in subscription plans. These new plans will be launched keeping Generation Z in mind. Let us tell you about this in detail. New subscription plans will soon be seen in the Tinder app. The app’s parent company Match Group has revealed this. Beginner users may have to spend more money than before. That is, whatever is the price of starting plans at present, after the arrival of new plans, users will have to pay more money than before for the starting plans. But not only the money is being increased, the company has also said that it will provide more features along with it. For the new membership plans of the dating app, the company has not yet clarified in which markets it will be rolled out. Apart from this, no information has been given about which extra features the company is going to add in these plans. According to Reuters, the company says that the users of Generation Z are different from the generation of Millennials. It looks at dating from a different perspective. Generation Z needs more authenticity, inclusivity. Keeping this perspective in mind, the app wants to give the same kind of experience to the user. Apart from this, the app is also going to include AI in it. With its help, it will become easier for the right content to be available to the right people. With this, finding a partner will be easier than before. For this, many teams are working to bring the latest Artificial Intelligence technology on the app. The new features will start appearing on the app over the next two quarters, it said. Earlier in March also Tinder had added some new features to the app. Now users have been given more options to choose their pronoun. The app has provided 15 options which are based on their sexual orientation and gender.