October 4, 2023

Amidst the politics of ‘Tu-Tu’ and ‘Main-Main’, it is rarely seen that leaders of opposing parties praise each other on public platforms. This is even rarer when it comes to Congress and BJP leaders. However, such a scene was seen on Thursday when Deputy Chief Minister TS Singhdev in the Congress government openly praised PM Modi, who arrived with many gifts for Chhattisgarh. He told the stage that PM Modi never discriminated against the state and whatever was demanded was fulfilled by the central government.

PM Modi on Thursday inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of railway projects worth about Rs 6350 crore in Chhattisgarh ahead of the assembly elections. The Prime Minister also distributed one lakh Sickle Cell Counseling Cards among the population screened for ‘Sickle Cell Disease’. During this time, Deputy Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Government TS Singhdev was also present on the stage. After warmly welcoming PM Modi, he also praised him openly.

TS Singhdev said, ‘I am fortunate to have got the opportunity to lead the respected Prime Minister on the soil of Chhattisgarh. Sir, you are very welcome to Chhattisgarh. Today you have come to give. I believe that many things have been given, are being given more and will continue to be given in the future also. Regarding the work done for sickle cell patients, he said, ‘One out of every 10 people in Chhattisgarh is suffering from sickle cell. They also belong to tribal and backward class. The work that is being done for these by drawing attention from the Central Government, under the guidance of the Central Government under the federal structure of our Constitution, the state has always been working while fulfilling its responsibilities.

TS Singhdev openly said from the stage that PM Modi never discriminated against the state government and fulfilled every demand. He said, ‘I would not like to say that in my experience I did not feel discrimination. If we worked and demanded from the state, then as a right and as a partner, we were never at a loss from the central government. I believe that together we will keep taking this country and state forward. TS Singhdev’s denial of discrimination is also important because Congress and other opposition parties have been accusing the Central Government of discrimination and harassment.