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Tata’s subsidiary company Stryder Bikes has launched its new cycle range Contino. The company has introduced some great models in this. The most eye-catching among these is Contino Galactic, which is India’s first bicycle in which magnesium frame has been used. The company has launched eight models in the series which include many types of bikes, such as mountain bike, fat bike, BMX and city bike specially designed for cities. Let us know the price and features of Contino Galactic. Tata Stryder Contino Galactic bike priceThe company has launched Tata Stryder Contino Galactic cycle in India for Rs 27,896. It has been listed on the official website of the company. It is available for purchase. Talking about color options, it can be purchased in gray and military green. The Galactic 27.5T can be purchased offline from Strider dealerships. Besides, purchase can also be made from the official website of the company. Tata Stryder Contino Galactic features Magnesium frame bicycle Contino Galactic 27.5T comes with many features. First of all, its frame itself is special which is much lighter than other metal frames. Also strong. That means it can be easily driven on offroad. The ability to bear shocks is also said to be high in these. Apart from this, Contino Galactic 27.5T has been blessed with many other features. Dual disc brakes are available in the cycle. Derailleurs are provided in the front and rear which can provide smooth shifting. Apart from this, it has front suspension with lock in-out feature. 21 types of speeds have been given in the cycle. The price of other models starts from Rs 19,526.

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