Russia-Ukraine War: It is going to be more than one and a half years since the war between Russia and Ukraine, but still both the countries are continuously attacking each other. First, Russia was the aggressor, and the Ukrainian army was fighting the Russian army on its own land. But after so many days of fighting, the picture has changed. Now the Ukrainian army is entering and attacking Russian areas. The latest case is of Peskov and many other areas, where drones from Ukraine wreaked havoc on Russia. This is Ukraine’s deadliest attack amid the 18-month-long war. Russia has also suffered a lot in this attack. Ukrainian drone targeted an airport in Russia’s western Skov region. After the attack a massive fire broke out there.

The biggest attack on Russian soil!

Russian officials accused Ukraine of targeting six areas of the country with drones today i.e. Wednesday. It is the largest drone attack on Russian soil since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine about 18 months ago. According to the local governor and reports published in the media, the Ukrainian drone first targeted an airport in Russia’s western Skov region, causing a massive fire there. According to the Defense Ministry, several drones were also shot down around the Russian capital in Oryol, Bryansk, Ryazan, Kaluga and the Moscow region. Russia’s state news agency Tass, quoting emergency officials, said that four Il-78 transport planes were damaged in a drone attack on an airport in the capital of Skov.

Airport closed

Skov Governor Mikhail Vedennikov canceled all flights to and from the airport after the attack. At the same time, videos and pictures circulated on social media showed clouds of smoke and huge flames over the city of Skov. Vedennikov claimed that there were no casualties in the attack and the fire was brought under control. Skov is said to be the only Russian region where drone attacks caused damage. According to the Russian army, three drones were shot down in the Bryansk region. Meanwhile, Oryol Governor Andrei Klychkov said that two drone planes were shot down in the area. According to officials, one drone each was shot down in Ryazan, Kaluga and Moscow regions. He claimed that there is no news of any casualty or damage to property in these areas.

Ukraine is continuously carrying out drone attacks in Russia
Ukraine has been continuously attacking Russia through drones for the last few months. Ukraine is targeting many other cities including the capital Moscow. However, there is no news of anyone being killed in the Ukraine drone attack. But some buildings in Russia have suffered a lot of damage. Earlier, Ukraine had entered the Russian capital Moscow and targeted two buildings. Ukrainian drones attacked the Russian capital Moscow and damaged two government buildings. It is noteworthy that the war between Russia and Ukraine started in February last year. Russia attacked Russia on 24 February 2022. At the same time, the Russian attack has caused devastation in Ukraine, many of its states have been completely destroyed. Meanwhile, Ukraine is also attacking Russia with weapons received from Europe and other allies including America.

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