Raipur. The Election Commission has issued strict instructions to the district administration and police department for the upcoming assembly elections in Chhattisgarh. Under this, general knowledge action is being taken by the Administration District and Chhattisgarh Police and the accused are being arrested and sent behind the bars.

On the instructions of Senior Superintendent of Police Prashant Agarwal, City Police Captain Azad Chowk Mayank Gurjar (IPS), City Police President Area Udayan Bihar, City Police Captain Nagayan Sahu, City Police President Urla Avinash Mishra, City Superintendent of Police Puranibasti Rajesh Chaudhary, City Superintendent of Police Civil Line Manoj Dhruv, Deputy Superintendent of Police Crime Dinesh Sinha led the ACCU. Police station in-charge Basti, Purani Basti, Khamhardih, Telibandha, Civil Line, Kabir Nagar, Azad Chowk, D.D. Nagar, Saraswati Nagar, Pandri, Vidhan Sabha, Ganj, Maudahapara, Golbazar, Gudhiari, Khamtarai, Urla, Dharsinwa, Tikrapara, Somnath Alawan Amanaka and other officers of Raipur Police are involved in the police team. Supervisors included miscreants, suspicious individuals, antisocial personalities, and those nominated by a criminal group.

The project is located in Tikrapara, New Rajendra Nagar, Telibandha, Pandri, Kabir Nagar, D.D. Nagar, Azad Chowk, Vidhan Sabha, Khamhardih, Purani Basti, Ganj, Saraswati Nagar, Amanaka area. Railway stations and bus stands connected to colonies, Dewardera, Nehru Nagar, Gokul Nagar, Kali Baba, Birgaon, Ghazipur, Ameri, Khamtarai Basti and bus stand include Intemar/Checking Railway Station.

During the inquiry/ checking, action was taken against 07 cases of Arms Act, 07 cases of Arms Act in respect of documents related to illegal ly kept liquor from a total of 04 posters, 04 cases of Arms Act, 03 cases of Narcotics Act in total 02 cases of Narcotics Act. Similarly, criminal elements including goonda miscreants, surveillance miscreants who are involved in the accused, recovered under prohibitory sections in different shares of about 4 criminals, 68 arrested criminals, 20 assistants accused and section 09 IPC. Bachelor 327 was also arrested. Along with this, B.S.U.P. Apart from verifying the people and tenants living in the houses of the colonies, other people from outside were also verified and questioned.

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