Soon game lovers will also be able to enjoy playing games on YouTube. The company is testing for its game, about which we had told you in a report some time ago also. The name of this game is said to be Playables which can be played directly on YouTube app and website. Right now it is going through the experimental feature phase of the company, but there is news that soon it may go live for the users. Let us know what the latest update says.A game called Playables may soon be available to play on YouTube. Currently, the company has made it available as an experimental feature for some users in which it is being tested. This clearly means that the company can launch it officially soon. The company has indicated about this in a blog post. Through testing, the company will decide on the basis of feedback whether the game will be launched globally or not.

YouTube has said in a blog post that the company has an experimental, and under-development, feature in the process. Playables is being rolled out to some users in which viewers can play interactive games on the YouTube app. It can also be played on the website. However, no details have been given about this game in the blog.

Earlier too, a similar report had come out regarding Playables in which the company had made it available to some users to play. Many users stream games and watch live streaming of games on YouTube. The company’s CEO, Neal Mohan, plans to explore new areas for growth due to declining advertising revenue, and these include online games.

It was said in the report that many games have been made available to the employees for testing. These also include Stack Bounce arcade game with advertisements. In this game players have to break layers of bricks with a bouncing ball. YouTube is going to try to earn revenue from the gaming industry through online gaming.

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