October 4, 2023

India has suspected the murder of a pro-Khalistan separatist leader to be possibly linked to India. Canada Called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s allegations as absurd and motivated by vested interests. India completely rejected his allegations. In response to Canada’s expulsion of an Indian official over the matter, India expelled a senior Canadian diplomat from the country.

Relations between India and Canada are becoming tense

Relations between India and Canada are becoming more tense. Just a few days before this, both sides had decided to stop their talks regarding a bilateral free trade agreement. Relations between the two countries are tense due to the increasing activities of pro-Khalistan elements in Canada.

What did Trudeau accuse India of?

Trudeau said on Tuesday that his intention is not to provoke India or increase tension. He urged New Delhi to take the killing of the Sikh separatist leader very seriously. Trudeau, in his address to the ‘House of Commons’, the lower house of the Canadian Parliament, said on Monday that various security agencies of Canada are targeting Canadian citizens. Hardeep Singh Nijjar We are actively investigating strong allegations of possible links between the murder and an agent of the Government of India. Trudeau told MPs, any involvement of a foreign government in the murder of a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil is unacceptable and a violation of our sovereignty. “As can be expected, we are working closely with our partners on this serious matter,” he said. I strongly urge the Government of India to cooperate with Canada to get to the bottom of this matter.

Foreign Ministry summons Canada’s High Commissioner to India Cameron McKay

Canada’s High Commissioner to India Cameron Mackay was summoned by the Ministry of External Affairs and informed about the decision to expel the senior Canadian diplomat. The Ministry of External Affairs said that this step reflects India’s growing concern over the interference of Canadian diplomats in our internal affairs and their involvement in anti-India activities.

Khalistani is a threat to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of India.

The Foreign Ministry strongly reacted to the statements of Trudeau and his Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie, saying that such baseless allegations are an attempt to divert attention from Khalistani terrorists and extremists who have been granted sanctuary in Canada and who are threatening India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Remain a threat to integrity. The Ministry of External Affairs did not reveal the name of the Canadian officer who has been asked to leave India within five days. However, sources said that this diplomat is Oliver Sylvester, station chief of the Canadian intelligence agency in New Delhi.

Canada expels Indian diplomat from Canada

Hours before India took the step to expel the Canadian diplomat, Canadian Foreign Minister Jolie announced that a senior Indian diplomat has been expelled from Canada over his alleged links to the murder of Canadian Khalistani leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

what is the matter

It is noteworthy that Nijjar was shot dead on June 18 in Surrey, British Columbia province of Canada. Nijjar (45) was among India’s most wanted terrorists, carrying a reward of Rs 10 lakh.

Foreign Ministry said- Allegations of Indian government’s involvement in any kind of violence in Canada are absurd

Before the Canadian diplomat was expelled, the Foreign Ministry said, “We have looked at the statements made by the Prime Minister of Canada in his Parliament and the statements made by his Foreign Minister, and we reject them.” Allegations of Indian government’s involvement in any kind of violence in Canada are absurd and motivated by vested interests. The ministry said the Government of Canada’s inaction on this matter is a matter of long-standing and continuing concern. He said that Canadian leaders openly expressing sympathy towards such elements is a matter of deep concern.