In the last few years, the central government has increased the standards related to security for the automobile industry. In connection with this, Bharat NCAP was recently launched. Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said on Wednesday that the new crash test rules will make it mandatory for automobile companies to provide six airbags in cars. India is the fifth country to start such a program after America, Japan, China and South Korea. Its aim is to increase the safety of cars. Last year, Gadkari had said that the rule of making six airbags mandatory for cars will come into effect from October this year. He said during an event of the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA), “We have launched Bharat NCAP. In this, the 5-star safety rating for cars will be given only if there are six airbags. People have now become alert and the cars which have There may be more interest in buying them if there will be six airbags. It is for the car manufacturers and the people to decide.” There is a rule to provide at least two airbags in all cars in the country. Last year, the government had estimated that adding four more airbags would cost automobile companies a little more than Rs 6,000. However, market experts say that this cost can be around Rs 19,000. Bharat NCAP will increase the safety of cars and ensure better quality of exported vehicles. Under this, cars will be tested in various ways. These methods are as per Global NCAP. Cars will get safety rating after testing. Rahul Bharti, Executive Officer (Corporate Affairs) of the country’s largest car maker Maruti Suzuki, had said that the company welcomes this initiative of the Central Government and in the first lot at least three models of Maruti will be sent for testing. Under this, safety standards for 3.5 ton motor vehicles will be increased. The Road Transport and Highways Ministry has said that this will make it easier for car buyers to assess the crash safety of motor vehicles available in the automobile market. Under this, car makers will be able to voluntarily get their cars tested. Star ratings will be given based on the car’s performance in crash tests.

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