Political atmosphere is hot regarding elections in Chhattisgarh. A viral video has created a stir in political circles on Sunday. The video is linked to the Congress MLA. He is seen with bundles of notes. Bharatiya Janata Party General Secretary and former Collector OP Chaudhary has posted this video on social media. In the video is Ramkumar Yadav, Congress MLA from Chandrapur assembly constituency. In the video, the MLA is seen sitting near a bundle of notes and talking to some people. BJP is cornering the Bhupesh government of the state in this matter.

Bharatiya Janata Party General Secretary OP Chaudhary, while posting this video on social media Will you show courage? Or will she file an FIR against me like the coal video? Let us tell you that last year, Congressmen had filed a case against OP Chaudhary for posting a video of coal theft.

Chhattisgarh has been looted heavily for the last 5 years.

OP Choudhary also wrote in his post – ‘This is Congress’ Chandrapur MLA Ramkumar Yadav in Chhattisgarh. Present yourself as poor and destitute. He was poor even before becoming MLA. He also lives in a house under the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme. Grandfather and himself also used to graze bulls, as he himself claims, but see the wad of notes kept in front of him in this video going viral on social media… Congress is no longer capable of answering… All the people of Congress have Chhattisgarh has been looted heavily for the last 5 years. Congress’ culture of corruption and mafia raj… fly ash, sand, coal, liquor… mafia raj is there in everything…’

MLA Ramkumar said – this is a conspiracy against me

Congress MLA Ramkumar has given clarification in the viral video matter. He said that this is a conspiracy against me. I was not paying attention to the money, I was just sitting there blankly. Those posting videos can explain what their objective is. He further said that I am the son of a poor, a cow-buffalo herder, I have worked hard. If the poor’s son has become an MLA, the big people are having stomach pain. Even after getting the Congress ticket, a video about me was made viral. If I have become an MLA, I have become so with the blessings of the public, they cannot tarnish my poor image.

Input- Sandeep Dewan