American XL Bully Dog Ban: America’s XL Bully breed of dogs is now banned in Britain… In view of the increasing terror of the American XL Bully breed of dogs, the British government has banned them. On Friday, British PM Rishi Sunak has banned America’s XL Bully breed of dogs. It is worth noting that many cases related to XL Bully dog ​​have been coming to light for quite some time. After which the demand to ban dogs of this breed was increasing.

British PM Rishi Sunak tweeted
In this context, British PM Rishi Sunak has tweeted on the social media platform For this reason the government bans this breed of dog. This step will reduce its attacks. It is noteworthy that in this context, the Home Secretary of Britain has said that this breed of dogs is very aggressive especially towards children. Many times children were attacked by dogs of this breed.

One person lost his life in the attack, many have been injured
It is noteworthy that many British citizens have been seriously injured in the attack by American XL Bully breed of dog. One person even lost his life. Many children have also been attacked by dogs of this species. Many videos regarding this dog attack have also gone viral on social media. After which a large number of British people were demanding a ban on it, after which British PM Rishi Sunak has announced to ban this species of dog.

What did PM Sunak say
Here, in a recorded message at 10 Downing Street after the continuous attacks by the bully breed dog, Sunak said that the American breed XL bully dog ​​is a threat to our communities. Children are most at risk from this. After which PM Sunak banned the American XL Bull breed of dogs in Britain.

XL bully breed dog is very dangerous
Let us tell you, the dog of American Bully Kennel Club breed XL Bully breed dog is very dangerous as well as being very muscular and strong in stature. It has a distinct identity across the world for its massive stature. Along with this, the dog of this breed is very aggressive.