America News of mass shooting is coming out from Florida. A white man committed suicide after shooting and killing three black people at a Jacksonville store on Saturday. The local sheriff has described the attack as racially motivated.

The attacker hated black people

Sheriff TK Waters said, he (the attacker) hated black people. There is no evidence that the attacker was part of any larger group. Waters said the attacker used a handgun and an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle to attack the Dollar General store. The shooting happened at a Dollar General near Edward Waters University just before 2 p.m. Edward Waters University is a historically black university.

video game competition behind the attack

The gunman left a note that leads investigators to believe he opened fire to mark the fifth anniversary of an attack by another gunman during a video game competition in Jacksonville. In that attack too, the gunman, after killing two people, committed suicide by shooting himself. Sheriff Waters said the attacker came from neighboring Clay County and had sent a message to his father shortly before the attack asking him to check his computer. He told that the attacker’s father found some articles on the computer and the family informed the police about it, but the firing had already started.

10 people lost their lives in the attack in 2022

The attack has revived tragic memories of past attacks targeting Black Americans and is expected to create fear in the community. Earlier in 2022, a white attacker had killed 10 people in an attack targeting blacks in Buffalo, New York.

There was firing in California this month also, four people were killed

This month, on August 24, there was a shooting incident at a biker bar in Southern California, America. In which three people were killed and five others were injured.

Orange County’s rural Trabuco Canyon famous motorcyclists’ bar

The shooting occurred at Cook’s Corner in rural Trabuco Canyon, Orange County, at about 7 p.m. Are there. Orange County Sheriff’s Sergeant Frank Gonzalez said officers arrived at the scene immediately after the first report of shots fired, and encountered the gunman.

The attacker was a retired police officer

Orange County officials told them the attacker was a retired police officer from their department. Brown said the attacker worked in his department from 1986 to 2014. Orange County officials, however, have not publicly confirmed the shooting or the name or details of the shooter.