There is disappointing news from Zomato for those ordering food online. The platform has made food delivery expensive. Swiggy recently implemented its platform fees. Following its footsteps, now Zomato has also implemented its platform fees. This means ordering food online from Zomato has now become expensive. So how much platform charge has Zomato imposed? And let us know how it will affect the customer’s pocket. Ordering food online from Zomato has become expensive. This has come to light in media reports. According to the report of Money Control, after Swiggy, Zomato has become the next name among the companies imposing platform fees. The food delivery company has implemented a charge of Rs 2. Online food delivery apps are soon going to implement a mandatory platform fee which will be separate from the cart value. That means the customer will have to pay this fee apart from the cart value. Earlier, Swiggy had also imposed a platform fee of Rs 2. This fee was applied on all its orders. As far as Zomato is concerned, the company had recently revealed that it has achieved profit in the first quarter for the financial year 2024. The company has become profitable for the first time. It is also being said in the reports that Zomato has currently implemented the platform fee only for some selected users. This has not been implemented on Blinkit, a grocery delivery platform. The fee of Rs 2 constitutes 0.5% of its gross order. Zomato received 176 million orders in the second quarter ending in June. If these orders are seen on daily basis, the company receives around 20 lakh orders every day. Accordingly, by charging Rs 2 as platform fee, the company can earn Rs 40 lakh per day. If seen per month, the company can earn additional income of Rs 12 crore per month by charging a nominal platform fee of Rs 2. However, details regarding this have not been released officially by Zomato yet.

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