Reacting to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s remarks that the party ‘will defeat BJP in Gujarat like we did in Ayodhya’, Union Agriculture Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Sunday said that Rahul Gandhi knows nothing apart from ‘speaking lies and spreading confusion’ among the people.

Earlier on July 6, Rahul Gandhi said that Congress and its allies in the INDIA bloc would defeat the BJP in Gujarat assembly polls like they had defeated it in Ayodhya in the Lok Sabha polls. “Rahul Gandhi has not gained maturity…He lied about Agniveers and the government not giving MSP to farmers…He knows nothing apart from speaking lies and spreading confusion,” Chauhan told reporters.

Addressing party workers in Ahmedabad, Rahul Gandhi, who is the Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha, referred to BJP’s losing in the Lok Sabha constituency that includes Ayodhya, and claimed that the INDIA alliance had defeated the movement started by former BJP chief LK Advani.

Advani had carried out a rath yatra in 1990 to mobilise support for the movement to construct a grand Ram temple in Ayodhya. BJP has said that the yatra also sought to raise questions over prevailing debate concerning “secularism” and “communalism” and for rejecting the “cult of minorityism”.

The BJP lost the Faizabad Lok Sabha constituency, which includes Ayodhya, in the recently concluded Lok Sabha polls. “Together we are going to defeat them in Gujarat. We will defeat Narendra Modi and BJP in Gujarat just like we defeated them in Ayodhya,” Rahul Gandhi said. The Assembly elections in Gujarat will be held in 2027.