GHAZIABAD, July 5 (AP) — The intense heatwave in Ghaziabad over the past few months has driven residents to consume nearly Rs 400 crore worth of beer, according to the excise department. Officials attribute this record-breaking sales figure to the extreme temperatures and stable prices.

The National Capital Region, including Ghaziabad, experienced severe heat, prompting people to seek various ways to cool down. While many turned to traditional summer beverages like lemonade, lassi, and buttermilk, a significant number of Ghaziabad residents opted for alcoholic beverages, especially beer, leading to substantial revenue for the excise department.

From April to June 2024, beer enthusiasts in Ghaziabad consumed an impressive Rs 397.16 crore worth of beer, marking a 106% increase compared to the same period last year. The sale of beer cans saw an even higher surge, with a 116% increase. Last year, 11.5 million cans were sold, while this year, the figure jumped to over 13.3 million cans.

Despite the rising temperatures causing discomfort, many found respite and enjoyment in beer. The excise department, benefiting from this trend, recorded significant revenue gains during these three months.

Rakesh Kumar, the district excise inspector, confirmed that the unprecedented sales were largely due to the relentless heat and stable beer prices. He noted, “The data clearly shows that the intense heat and no price hike were the primary reasons for the exceptional revenue of Rs 397 crore.”

The excise department’s substantial revenue from beer sales during the heatwave highlights how extreme weather conditions can impact consumer behaviour and local economies.