A significant breach in the Munak Canal has led to severe flooding in a residential area. The JJ Colony in Bawana has been submerged, causing residents to wade through knee-deep and even waist-deep water on the roads.

The flooding resulted from a breach in the barrage of the Munak Canal in North Delhi. A video has surfaced showing the extensive waterlogging, with residents walking through waist-deep water and water inundating homes. The entire area appears to be heavily affected by the floodwaters.


#WATCH | Delhi: JJ colony, Bawana inundated as the barrage of Munak canal of North Delhi broke and water entered into the residential areas. pic.twitter.com/Qy5eg1gQQw
— ANI (@ANI) July 11, 2024


Saurabh Bhardwaj, a minister in the Arvind Kejriwal government, addressed the issue, stating, “Bawana has a Career Lined Channel (CLC) that receives water from Haryana. We received information last night that the embankment had been breached. Delhi Jal Board officials are on the scene. I have directed the Chief Engineer of the Flood Department to assess the situation and provide assistance to the Jal Board.”

The breach occurred around 11 pm last night, causing significant water damage and raising concerns among the residents of JJ Colony in Bawana. Efforts are underway to manage the situation and mitigate further damage.