Raipur. Global market forces have widely affected India’s economic, social, defense, agriculture, health etc. sectors. In the name of globalization, a handful of countries are active in controlling and operating the economy of the world’s developing countries. Global organizations, non-governmental organizations, multinational companies, big tech become their tools. These things were put forward in the study circle of Global Market Forces.

In the event, power point presentations were given on topics like agriculture, pharmaceutical, defense, banking and finance and oil and gas. On this occasion, the study points of the study circle were presented through PPT. It was explained how a handful of powerful people, organizations, governments and multinational companies of the world are turning the world into a market for their economic benefits.

The reasons for the wars that take place from time to time in the world were also highlighted. Defence deals and the monopoly of countries like America in the world’s drug market were also discussed.

In the event, RSS’s central region’s publicity chief Kailash ji also expressed his views. Business world, media, social sector, farmers, doctors, pharma experts, defense experts were present on this occasion. The program’s coordinator was Ashwini Kaushik. Jagdish Patel expressed his gratitude.