NEET Paper Leak: The NEET paper leak case has shaken the country. Every day new revelations are being made in the case and its strings are connecting from one accused to another and from one state to another like a spider web. The paper leak scandal begins from Patna in Bihar. After this, the Hazaribagh connection of Jharkhand comes to the fore. As the investigation has progressed, the names of UP, Haryana, Maharashtra are added to it. Now the strings of paper leak have also been seen connecting to Godhra in Gujarat. CBI is in action in this case and is constantly interrogating the accused by visiting various states.

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Here, the CBI team reached Beur Jail on the third day on Sunday in the NEET paper leak case. There, 13 accused were interrogated for more than 7 hours. In this, the answers to most of the questions were more or less the same. However, the accused gave different answers to many questions. Also, the CBI is interrogating Oasis School Principal Dr. Ehsanul Haq, Vice Principal Imtiaz Alam, Jamaluddin arrested from Hazaribagh on 5-day remand.

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After interrogating all the accused taken on remand separately, the CBI also interrogated them face to face. One common question for all the accused was who is the mastermind behind the paper leak. The team is continuously trying to get to the bottom of the matter. Strict interrogation of the accused is going on.

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Evidence found in Godhra, Gujarat: The strings of this scam are being linked to new districts of Gujarat. After the allegations of cheating in Godhra, Gujarat police had arrested five people. These include Tushar Bhatt, Roy, Purushottam Sharma, education advisor Vibhor Anand and middleman Arif Vohra associated with school teachers. The first action took place 15 days ago in Godhra of Panchmahal district, but now names from Ahmedabad to Kheda-Anand are coming to the fore. CBI raids are being conducted in many districts. The way the mafia had managed everything at the centers in Patna, it seems that everything was set at a school in Godhra as well.

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The CBI has been investigating the NEET exam scam in Gujarat for five days, but the investigation so far has made it clear that the scam that was caught in Godhra has links with many states. This is because some of the students who appeared for the exam in Godhra had come from far-flung states. The question is why was it necessary for these students to leave their states and give the exam at the Godhra centre by giving addresses of Godhra and Vadodara? Students from Rajasthan, Maharashtra, UP, Bihar had selected the Godhra centre.

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Latur connection of paper leakSuch evidence of NEET scam has been found in Latur and entire Maharashtra which is enough to expose this entire scam. Brokers reached Latur, Beed and nearby districts. They took lakhs of rupees from children and their parents and then took them to Patna to get the exam done. This game was going on for years. NEET counselors were telling NTA with evidence that this big game is going on but NTA kept quiet. Agents were active from Latur to other cities who used to make children of Maharashtra take NEET exam in Patna or cities of Karnataka. First understand the level of the scam. Patna is 2000 km from Latur. Children of Latur choose Patna as the exam center because they get good marks by paying money here.

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Arrests from Patna to Hazaribagh: The fastest investigation is going on in Patna regarding this scam. From school teachers to principals, everyone is in the loop. Arrests have been made from Hazaribagh to Patna and everyone has revealed two names so far. Sanjeev Mukhiya and Sikandar Yadavendu. Action is being taken in Patna but Mukhiya is still absconding. Now CBI will try to extract every secret from Ehsan Ul Haq and Imtiyaz Alam. The suspicion is that both were associated with Sanjeev Mukhiya gang and were involved in leaking the paper.

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Ehsanul Haque’s call details will be investigated

During interrogation, the question was asked from where the paper was leaked in the first place. The accused gave different answers to this. Apart from this, CBI is investigating the call details of Ehsanul Haque for the last 6 months. CBI will identify suspicious numbers and investigate their call details. Along with this, Haque’s bank accounts will also be investigated.

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On June 28, the CBI arrested three people from Hazaribagh

In this case, CBI arrested three people from Hazaribagh in Jharkhand on Friday (28 June). These include Oasis School Principal Ehsan Ul Haq, Vice Principal Imtiyaz and journalist Jamaluddin. The agency brought all three from Hazaribagh to Patna at around 10 pm on Friday night. In this case, the agency arrested 2 people from Patna in Bihar on 27 June. CBI interrogated 3 people including Ehsan Ul Haq throughout the day on Friday. Now the team will take them to the spot and strengthen the evidence.

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