Moscow. Vladimir Putin began his fifth term as Russian leader at a spectacular Kremlin inauguration ceremony on May 7. Already in office for almost a quarter of a century and the longest-serving Kremlin leader since Joseph Stalin, Putin’s term will last until 2030. Also read: Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Along with Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai, cabinet colleagues made sacrifices in the Mahayagya…

Since succeeding President Boris Yeltsin in late 1999, Putin has transformed Russia from a country recovering from economic collapse into a threat to global security. Following the 2022 invasion of Ukraine in what has become Europe’s largest conflict since World War II, Russia has been heavily sanctioned by the West, and has turned to other regimes such as China, Iran and North Korea for support. Used to be.

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Now the question is what 71-year-old Putin will do both at home and abroad during the next six years. Russian forces are tightening their grip in Ukraine and adopting scorched-earth tactics as Kiev faces a shortage of troops and ammunition. Both sides are suffering huge losses.

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He began his tenure in 2018 by promising to bring Russia into the top five global economies, promising that it should be “modern and dynamic.” Instead, Russia’s economy has reached war footing, and officials are spending record amounts on defense.

Analysts say now that Putin has secured another six years in power, the government could take unpopular steps like raising taxes to finance the war and forcing more people to join the military.