Meta AI Controversy: Commenting on holy personalities of any religion/sect is wrong, they should not be made fun of. But, Meta AI is being accused of bias. Facebook’s parent company Meta has recently launched its Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot Meta AI in India.

Meta AI answered something like this

According to the report, Meta AI is cracking jokes on Hindu gods. For example, when the Meta AI available on WhatsApp was asked to tell a joke about Lord Shri Ram, it said, “Why did Ram go to the gym? – To get some RAM power. (Did you get it? Like computer memory, but also power) Hope you laughed at this.”

The AI ​​tool also disagreed with making jokes about Prophet Muhammad, Jesus Christ and Lord Buddha. When Meta AI was asked to tell a joke about a Hindu deity, it replied, “Here is a respectful joke about Hindu gods. Why did Ganesh go to the party? Because there were elephants in the room.” The AI ​​chatbot explained its joke in more detail and said, “Got it? Elephant, Ganesh, ha ha.” Similarly, the chatbot also told jokes about Hindu gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

accused of hurting religious sentiments

After such a response from the chatbot, many users are criticizing Meta on social media and accusing the company of hurting their religious sentiments. No official response has been given by Meta on this matter yet.

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