In a setback for Nikki Haley, Donald Trump has won the GOP primary from South Carolina defeating Haley in her home state. Despite the loss, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley said she will continue running for Republican presidential nominee. Speaking in South Carolina's Charleston, Haley said, “I'm a woman of my word,” referring to her earlier remarks about staying in the presidential race until Super Tuesday. She said, “I'm not giving up this fight when a majority of Americans disapprove of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden.”

In contrast to her post-New Hampshire primary speech, Nikki Haley delivered her remarks with a more solemn tone. She expressed skepticism about the potential success of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in a rematch against US President Joe Biden, stating that “Trump drives people away.”

Acknowledging her significant defeat, Haley emphasized that “40 per cent is not some tiny group.” Despite losing four states to Trump, she pointed out that there are still numerous states where the voting process has not concluded.

While congratulating Donald Trump on his anticipated victory in the Palmetto State's GOP primary, Nikki Haley extended her gratitude to the voters for utilizing the power of their voice. She affirmed her love for the people of the state, celebrating their collective achievements and unity during challenging times and tragedies.

Meanwhile, Former US President Donald Trump did not mention Nikki Haley in his victory remarks after being projected as the winner of the South Carolina primary. Trump thanked his family, including his son Eric Trump, and Eric's wife Lara Trump, whom Trump has endorsed to be the next co-chair of the Republican National Committee. They were present on stage along with Trump.