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Space Restaurant: SpaceVIP, a luxury space travel company, has made full preparations to build a restaurant in space. The company plans to provide luxury dining in a two-Michelin-star restaurant along with a 6-hour high-tech space balloon journey and has hired Danish chef Rasmus Munk for the same. The price of this extraordinary journey, which will be launched in 2025, is around Rs 4 crore per person, yet many people are showing interest in it.

6 people can enjoy this unique restaurant at one time. Frasmus told that 6 people can enjoy this unique restaurant at one time and can see the sun’s rays falling on the earth while eating. Along with this, they will also be allowed to live-stream with their family and friends with Wi-Fi. The chef said that his menu is not completely ready yet, but the dishes will be as unique as the journey.

Dozens of people showed interest in the journey

Roman Chiporukha, founder of the company, said, “Dozens of participants have already expressed tremendous interest in having this unique experience, but right now we only have 6 seats available and we hope to be able to offer this experience to many passengers in the future. Will be able to. “According to an official statement of the company, this space balloon manufactured by Space Perspective does not require any training or special gear.

This company is also giving the opportunity to eat food in space

SpaceVIP is not the first company to offer the opportunity to eat in space. Earlier in the year 2023, a French company named Zephalto had announced that it is going to take people to space through a high-tech space balloon and give them a chance to taste different types of dishes. The company hopes that its plan will start from the year 2025. Its ticket price is around Rs 1 crore per person.

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