Tech Desk. The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has issued a high-level warning regarding Firefox for millions of internet users across the country. CERT has said that there are many flaws in the Firefox browser, taking advantage of which hackers can control your browser remotely. Apart from this, the security of your browser can also be bypassed. According to the report, these flaws are in Firefox version 124 and earlier and Firefox ESR version 115.9 and earlier. Apart from these, there is also a flaw in Mozilla Thunderbird version 115.9.

According to CERT-In, these flaws in Firefox are due to Windows error reports. With their help, all Firefox products can be targeted. With the help of these flaws, a user can be misled and redirected to some other more harmful site.

However, the only way to avoid these flaws is to update your Firefox browser. Apart from this, also keep anti malware in your system. Do not visit any suspicious link or website and do not share information related to your bank account.

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