Russia Terrorist Attack: A major terrorist attack has taken place in Dagestan, Russia. Terrorists attacked four places simultaneously. More than 19 people, including a priest and policemen, have died in this attack. Russian security forces have killed 6 terrorists who carried out the attack.

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Russia’s Dagestan province was shaken by a terrorist attack on Monday. Terrorists armed with sophisticated weapons attacked the religious places of Christians and Jews (synagogues). The terrorists attacked 2 churches, a synagogue (Jewish place of worship) and a police post in Russia.

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The terrorists attacked the church and killed the priest by slitting his throat. The terrorists also attacked the church and set it on fire. The church was burnt to ashes due to the fire.

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News agency PTI quoted AP as saying that terrorists attacked several places in the city of Derbent with sophisticated weapons on Sunday in Russia’s southern province of Dagestan. The governor of Dagestan told AP that a total of 19 people, including a church priest and policemen, were killed in the firing by terrorists. 6 terrorists were killed in the retaliatory action by the security forces. More than 20 people were injured in this attack. According to media reports, two churches, a synagogue (Jewish place of worship) and a police post were attacked in Russia’s southern province. Mourning day will be observed for three consecutive days on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in these areas.

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Anti-terrorism operation announced in the region

Authorities have announced a counter-terrorism operation in the area. The Anti-Terrorism Committee said that five gunmen have been ‘eliminated’. However, it is not yet clear how many terrorists were involved in the attacks. No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks. Authorities have launched a criminal investigation into this terrorist act.

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