Ramdas Athawale Controversial Statement On Rahul Gandhi: The big news of this time has come from Delhi. Union Minister Ramdas Athawale has given a controversial statement about Congress leader and Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Rahul Gandhi. Union Minister Ramdas Athawale has called Congress leader Rahul Gandhi a terrorist.

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Athawale said that Rahul Gandhi himself is a terrorist. He is working to divide the Hindu society. It is completely wrong to accuse a popular leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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Let us tell you that the Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha and Congress MP Rahul Gandhi had given a statement about Hindus in the House. Rahul had said that people who call themselves Hindus are spreading violence and hatred. When Union Minister Athawale was questioned about this, he called Rahul a terrorist.

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In fact, when Congress MP Rahul Gandhi made a statement on Hindus being violent in the House on Monday (1 July), there was a lot of uproar. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself stood up and told Speaker Om Birla that calling the entire Hindu society violent is a serious matter.

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