New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to UAE today on a two-day official visit. This, his seventh visit to the UAE since 2015 and his third in the last eight months, is unique in many ways. Prime Minister Modi will also inaugurate the Hindu temple – BAPS Temple in Abu Dhabi. Apart from this, PM Modi will address the Indian community living in UAE through ‘Ahlan Modi’ program. Read this also: THE BURNING BUS in CG: Spark came out of the tyre, the bus got burnt in no time, 70 passengers were on board, watch VIDEO

Despite the bad weather in UAE, there has been no decrease in the enthusiasm of the people of the Indian community regarding the ‘Ahlan Modi’ program to be held at Zayed Sports City Stadium. More than 2,500 people attended the full ground rehearsal despite heavy rain. Volunteers who helped in organizing the event also participated in the briefing.

Zayed Sports City Stadium ready for ‘Ahlan Modi’.

Top official Nishi Singh, who was associated with the team engaged in preparations to welcome the PM, said that despite the bad weather, there is no lack of enthusiasm. Full-ground rehearsal of the cultural program took place. Weather related challenges will not become a hindrance in grand celebrations and the warm welcome of Prime Minister Modi.

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He said that there is tremendous enthusiasm among NRIs. Organizers had to close registration last week. The number of applicants to come to the stadium has exceeded 65,000. The number of people who will be present at ‘Ahlan Modi’ on February 13 will be decided as per the seating capacity of the stadium and the instructions of the concerned UAE authorities.

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