New Delhi. Aviation safety monitoring organization BCAS has issued new guidelines. In these, after boarding the plane, if there is a long delay in the departure of the flight, the passengers have been allowed to exit from the departure gate of the airport. This latest directive comes in the backdrop of increasing crowding at airports and increasing cases of flight delays. Many times, passengers also get stuck for a long time after boarding the plane.

Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) Director General Zulfiqar Hasan said on Monday that the new guidelines were issued to airline companies and airport operators on March 30. Now these have been implemented. He said that passengers will not have to sit for a long time after boarding the plane.

In case of long flight delays and other emergencies, the concerned passengers will be allowed to exit from the departure gate of the airport. Its decision will be taken by the concerned airlines and security agencies.

Passengers had their meal on the tarmac

On January 14 this year, Indigo’s flight going from Goa to Delhi was diverted to Mumbai after taking off 12 hours late. Angered by this, the passengers sat on the tarmac of Mumbai airport and started eating. Due to this, BCAS had imposed a fine of Rs 1.20 crore on Indigo.

The pilot was slapped for being late

In January this year, a passenger slapped the pilot when his flight from Delhi to Goa was delayed. Due to fog, the pilot was announcing that the plane would be delayed by 13 hours. Then a passenger came towards him and slapped him.

Director General Zulfikar Hasan said at the function that congestion at airports is undesirable and BCAS has developed intended standards and tools to deal with this issue. Smart security lanes will also be installed at airports.