Before the Lok Sabha elections, the Election Commission has given a big blow to Sharad Pawar. The Election Commission, while giving its verdict in favor of Ajit faction, said, Ajit Pawar faction has the right to use the name and election symbol of NCP. That means Ajit group has been declared the real NCP. The Commission has asked Sharad Pawar to give three names for the formation of a new party.

Let us tell you that after more than 10 hearings lasting more than 6 months, the Election Commission, while resolving the dispute in NCP, has declared Ajit Pawar’s faction as the real NCP. In its decision, the Commission followed the prescribed tests of maintainability of the petition, which included the test of the aims and objectives of the party, the test of the party constitution and the test of both organizational and legislative majority.

According to the Election Commission, Sharad Pawar faction could not prove majority on time, due to which things did not go in their favor. Keeping in mind the deadline for elections for 6 Rajya Sabha seats from Maharashtra, Sharad Pawar faction has been given special concession to follow Rule 39AA of the Conduct of Elections Rules 1961. He has been asked to give three names for the formation of a new party by the evening of 7th February.

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