BJP-NDA Meeting: The NDA meeting has started in PM House. Many leaders including Anupriya Patel, Nitish Kumar, Chandrababu Naidu, Jayant Chaudhary, Eknath Shinde have reached PM House to attend the meeting. Many issues including formation of government, council of ministers, oath taking will be discussed in the meeting.

Big Breaking: The game is over… PM Modi resigned, President Draupadi Murmu accepted it

Before the meeting, PM Modi had submitted his resignation to President Draupadi Murmu. The President accepted Modi’s resignation. Also recommended dissolution of the cabinet. Before this, the last meeting of the Modi cabinet was held at 11.30 am. In this, the government passed a thanksgiving motion for the victory for the third time.

BIG BREAKING: The date of oath taking has arrived, PM Modi will stake claim to form the government today, will he take oath as Prime Minister on this date?

Let us tell you that according to sources, the swearing-in ceremony of Prime Minister Narendra Modi can take place on the evening of June 8. Preparations for this have intensified. The round of discussions and meetings with the allies regarding the faces in the new cabinet has also intensified. It is possible that the names will be finalized in two-three days.

Big news about the new government: In return for support, TDP has demanded from BJP the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, roads, health, education and…?

Parliament House meeting will be held on 7th June

The meeting of NDA MPs will be held on 7 June at 2.30 pm in Parliament House. Chief Ministers, Deputy CMs and presidents of various parties of NDA ruled states will be present in this meeting. The next day i.e. on 8 June, Narendra Modi can take oath as Prime Minister for the third consecutive time. This swearing-in ceremony can take place between 7 and 8 pm in the evening.

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BJP remained far from the majority figure on its own

In the Lok Sabha elections, BJP failed to get majority on its own this time. However, the NDA led by Modi won 292 seats and achieved majority. The opposition alliance India Block has won 234 seats. BJP has won 240 seats alone. In such a situation, it is far behind the majority figure (272). In the 2014 elections, BJP under the leadership of Modi won 282 seats and in the 2019 elections, it won 303 seats and achieved majority on its own.

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