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India’s indigenous messaging app Samvad is completely ready to compete with the world’s most popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp. Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has given the green signal to the Samvad app. Let us tell you that this homegrown multimedia messaging app came into discussion in the year 2021. During that time, in the information received from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, it was said that beta testing of two messaging apps like WhatsApp is being done in India. The name of one of those apps was Samvad and the other was Sandes.

DRDO gave information by posting on X

DRDO said in one of its posts on Twitter that the Samvad app has passed the security test. This app has been prepared by CDOT. DRDO said in its post, ‘Samvad app, which has been developed by CDoT, has passed DRDO’s security test and Trust Assurance Level (TAL) 4. This app provides voice and text messaging with end-to-end security on Android and iOS devices.

You will also be able to use Samvad app in the coming days. For this you will have to go to CDoT website and sign up. For this, name, phone number and OTP will be required. At present it has not been released for the general public. After release, it will compete with instant multimedia messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.