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New Delhi. Mafia don Mukhtar Ansari died on Thursday night. After a heart attack in Banda jail, he was brought to Banda Medical College Hospital, where Ansari died due to his critical condition. Mukhtar Ansari, who was MLA for 5 consecutive terms from Mau assembly seat of Uttar Pradesh, had many criminal cases registered against him, due to which he was in jail. Mukhtar Ansari, resident of Yusufpur, UP, had properties worth crores of rupees and also had loans worth crores of rupees.

According to the affidavit given by Mukhtar Ansari for the elections, he had total assets worth more than Rs 21.88 crore. Apart from this, he had a loan of Rs 6.91 crore. Ansari’s total income in 2015-16 was Rs 17.75 lakh. Whereas his wife’s income has been stated to be Rs 10.43 lakh. Whereas the income of his two dependents was stated to be Rs 2.75 lakh and Rs 3.83 lakh.

Apart from this, Mukhtar Ansari had more than two dozen benami properties worth Rs 127 crore. After these were revealed, the Income Tax Department confiscated them. Till now, Ansari’s illegal assets worth more than Rs 317 crore have been seized. This action was taken under Section 14(1) of the Gangster Act. Also, illegal property worth more than Rs 287 crore was destroyed and freed from possession.