Lok Sabha MP Life Style: The first session of the 18th Lok Sabha has started from today. The newly elected MPs will take oath of their office on the first two days of the session. This time a total of 280 new faces will be seen sitting in the Parliament. All of them have reached the temple of democracy ‘Parliament House’ as MPs for the first time. In the 18th Lok Sabha, 52 percent of the MPs in the House will take oath of office for the first time. There are a total of 280 MPs. There are 45 MPs from Uttar Pradesh alone who have reached Parliament for the first time. At the same time, 33 MPs from Maharashtra have been elected for the first time. With becoming MPs, these people will have a new lifestyle from today. These people will also come under the category of honorable and they will start getting special facilities. In such a situation, let us know what facilities the MPs will get from today:-

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After being elected as an MP, the members are given many allowances along with salary, travel facilities, medical facilities, accommodation, telephone, pension etc. As per the changes made in the salary and allowances of 11 May 2022, MPs are given a salary of Rs 1 lakh, apart from which Rs 2000 per day is given as allowance for meetings at home.

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Apart from this, MPs are given travel facility to attend the House session, committee meetings etc. For this, MPs are given money for travel to and from the session. If any MP is absent from the session for less than 15 days, then he gets travel money. Apart from this, MPs get free travel in the first class coach of the railway for some journeys and there are some rules regarding family as well. In this, family members also get concession in some journeys. At the same time, MPs from Andaman Nicobar Island, Lakshadweep are given the facility of steamer. There are many conditions for travel concession, according to which the MP gets concession. Along with this, every MP also gets money for his office expenses.

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20 thousand rupees allowance, 4000 rupees stationery and much more

According to the official website, every MP is given an allowance of Rs 20,000, Rs 4,000 for writing material, Rs 2,000 for letters and money for staff. For toll exemption, every MP is given two fast tags, one for Delhi and one for the vehicle of their constituency. With this, they can travel without toll. Also, MPs get access or protocol to many such places from where the common man is kept away.

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Facilities are provided as per seniority

If we look at the total, then an MP gets a salary of 1 lakh rupees, about 70 thousand allowance for the constituency, about 60 thousand rupees for office expenses and daily allowance. Apart from this, travelling allowance, house, medical facilities are given separately. Houses are given to MPs on the basis of their seniority. Let us tell you that the ministers among these MPs get separate facilities.

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22 thousand rupees pension every month

If we talk about pension, then no matter how many days an MP remains an MP, he gets a pension of Rs 22,000 per month and some facilities for each session. If he remains an MP for the second session as well, then he gets pension for the next session as well.

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