PM Narendra Modi Mann Ki Baat: After winning the Lok Sabha elections for the third time, PM Modi addressed the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program for the first time. In the first ‘Mann Ki Baat’ in Modi 3.0, Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed many topics including International Yoga Day, Paris Olympics, Kerala’s umbrella, Andhra’s coffee…. After about four months, the Prime Minister addressed the country through this program. This was the 111th episode of this program.

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PM Modi said that today, 30th June is a very important day. Our tribal brothers and sisters celebrate this day as ‘Hool Diwas’. This day is associated with the indomitable courage of Veer Sidhu-Kanhu, who strongly opposed the atrocities of foreign rulers. Veer Sidhu-Kanhu united thousands of Santhal comrades and fought the British with all their might. Then our tribal brothers and sisters in Santhal Pargana of Jharkhand took up arms against the foreign rulers.

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The Prime Minister talked about the importance of the recently celebrated Yoga Day and how important it is for life. He said that this month the whole world celebrated the 10th Yoga Day with great enthusiasm and zeal. I also participated in the yoga program organized in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. In Kashmir, along with the youth, sisters and daughters also participated enthusiastically in Yoga Day.

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PM Modi talked about the preparations going on for the Paris Olympics. He said that the performance of our players in Tokyo had won the heart of every Indian. Now preparations are going on for the Paris Olympics. Some things will be seen for the first time in the Paris Olympics. The Prime Minister said that the talent of our players is coming to the fore in shooting. Both men and women teams have qualified in table tennis. Our shooter daughters are also included in the Indian shotgun team.

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Mention of Andhra’s special coffee

PM Modi told the countrymen about a special coffee. He said that there are many products of India which are in great demand all over the world and when we see a local product of India going global, it is natural to feel proud. One such product is Araku coffee. Araku coffee is produced in large quantities in Alluri Sita Ram Raju district of Andhra Pradesh. It is known for its rich flavour and aroma.

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Hindi’s dominance increased in Kuwait too

PM Modi said that the Kuwait government has started a special program on its national radio and that too in Hindi. It is broadcasted every Sunday for half an hour on ‘Kuwait Radio’. It includes different colors of Indian culture. Our films and discussions related to the art world are very popular among the Indian community there. I have even been told that the local people of Kuwait are also taking a lot of interest in it. I heartily thank the government of Kuwait and the people there, who have taken this wonderful initiative.

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Kerala’s special umbrella was also mentioned

In ‘Mann Ki Baat’, PM Modi talked about a special kind of umbrellas. He said that these umbrellas are made in our Kerala. He said that umbrellas have a special significance in Kerala’s culture. Umbrellas are an important part of many traditions and rituals there, but the umbrella I am talking about is ‘Karthumbhi Umbrellas’ and these are made in Attappady, Kerala.

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