Woman Pregnant Job in Haryana: ‘Make beautiful women pregnant and earn lakhs… Yes! This job has been advertised in Nuh, Haryana. It was said in this job that there are many women who have not been able to become mothers even after marriage. The one who makes such women pregnant will get lakhs of rupees as salary. An advertisement was also issued for this. Exposing this entire matter, Haryana Police has arrested two accused.

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According to the police, the whole matter is from Nuh district of Haryana. Here fake advertisements offering money to make beautiful women ‘pregnant’ were posted on social media. When these advertisements came to the notice of the police officers, the officers were also shocked. After this, the matter was investigated and the police have arrested two people in Nuh.

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Police said that fake advertisements were posted offering money to women for impregnating them. People were being duped by doing this. The accused who have been arrested have been identified as Ejaz and Irshad. The accused used to post fake advertisements on social media, in which people were asked to pay money to impregnate childless women. These fraudsters used fake pictures of women to trap people.

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After collecting the registration fee and filing cost, they used to block the number

When a person contacted them after seeing the advertisement, they used to charge them registration fees and filing cost. After this they used to block them. Police say that more than four fake Facebook accounts and fake advertisements have been found during the investigation. The accused was arrested and produced in the court on Saturday, from where he has been sent to judicial custody.

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