Lok Sabha Speaker Election: The government and the opposition (NDA and India Alliance) could not reach a consensus on the name of the speaker. Due to this, after NDA, India has also fielded its candidate for the post of speaker. The opposition has made K Suresh India’s candidate for the post of speaker. At the same time, BJP has once again made Om Birla its candidate for this post. NDA candidate Om Birla has filed his nomination for the post of speaker. K Suresh has also filed his nomination. Now on June 26, the speaker of the Lok Sabha will be decided through elections. For the first time in the history of the country, the speaker will be decided through elections.

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Let us tell you that earlier there was news that an agreement has been reached between NDA and INDIA Block. NDA’s candidate will be the Lok Sabha Speaker. The opposition will not field its candidate for the post of Speaker. Sources said that if there is an agreement with the opposition parties on the name of the Speaker, then the post of Deputy Speaker can be given to the opposition. Rahul Gandhi himself came to the media and said that there will be no candidate against the Speaker.

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Deputy speaker spoiled the game

Sources have revealed that there was no consensus between NDA and INDIA Alliance on the post of Deputy Speaker. NDA wants to keep the post of Deputy Speaker with itself. Whereas INDIA Alliance was demanding to give it to the opposition. Whereas BJP wants to keep the post of Lok Sabha Speaker with itself and give it to its constituent party TDP or JDU. Hence, due to lack of consensus on this, INDIA Alliance has fielded its candidate.

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What is the number game in Lok Sabha?

If we talk about the numbers game of Lok Sabha, this time the picture is different as compared to 2014 and 2019. BJP, which is leading the NDA, is the largest party with 240 seats, but after two elections, the party fell short of the magic figure of 272 required for an absolute majority. The strength of NDA in Lok Sabha is 293. On the other hand, if we talk about the opposition, Congress had won 99 seats, but Rahul Gandhi had won from two seats, so the number of MPs was 98. Rahul has left the Wayanad seat. In such a situation, the party’s seats have also become 98 now. The Congress-led India Block has 233 MPs. 16 others, including seven independents, have also reached Parliament by winning the elections.

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270 MPs will take oath today On the second day of the Lok Sabha session, 270 MPs will take oath. On the first day, Monday (24 June), 280 MPs took oath. Prime Minister Modi was the first to take oath and lastly, Dnyaneshwar Patil of Madhya Pradesh. The first session of the Lok Sabha on Monday got off to a very tumultuous start. Before and after the start of the session, the opposition MPs protested against the government outside the Parliament with copies of the constitution in their hands. The opposition alleges that the government ignored the rules in the appointment of the pro tem speaker.

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There is no rule to give the post of Deputy Speaker to the opposition

People in the Modi government say that there is no rule of giving the post of Deputy Speaker to the opposition. This is a tradition, which the Congress has started breaking. In the second Lok Sabha, during the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru government, this responsibility was given to Hukam Singh of the Congress itself. During coalition governments, many times the parties leading the government have given the post of Speaker to an ally and kept the post of Deputy Speaker with themselves.

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Speakers elected unanimously so far

From Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar, who was elected Speaker of the first Lok Sabha after independence, to Om Birla, who was the Speaker of the 17th Lok Sabha, all have been elected unanimously. The post of Speaker in the Lok Sabha has also been given to those MPs who were not from the ruling party earlier. The 12th Lok Sabha was presided over by Balayogi of TDP while Atal Bihari Vajpayee of BJP was the Prime Minister at that time. Balayogi was also elected as the Speaker of the 13th Lok Sabha. But while holding this post, he died in a helicopter crash, after which Shiv Sena MP Manohar Joshi was the Speaker of the 13th Lok Sabha.

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When the first UPA government led by Manmohan Singh was supported by the Communist Party of India (Marxist), CPI (M) leader Somnath Chatterjee became the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. Meira Kumar, who was the Speaker of the 15th Lok Sabha from 2009 to 2014, was the first woman to hold the post of Speaker of the Lok Sabha. After her, BJP’s Sumitra Mahajan became the Speaker of the 16th Lok Sabha. So far, there has not been a need for voting for the Speaker in the country.

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25 June – Oath of newly elected MPs26 June – Election of Lok Sabha Speaker27 June – Joint meeting of both houses of Parliament, President Draupadi Murmu’s address28 June – Introductory session of Council of Ministers members in Parliament, PM Modi will introduce them29 June – Holiday30 June – Holiday1 July – Discussion on the motion of thanks on the President’s address2 July – PM Modi can respond to the debate3 July – PM Modi’s reply

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