Kalki Dham Mandir: Today the foundation stone of Kalki Dham was laid in the presence of PM Modi and CM Yogi Adityanath and Kalki Peethadhishwar Acharya Pramod Krishna Mahamandaleshwar. There will be 10 separate sanctums for the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu in Kalki Dham temple. 68 pilgrimage sites will be established in the temple. This temple, which is going to be built on 5 acres, will be ready in 5 years.

According to religious scriptures, whenever evil increased on earth, gods and goddesses incarnated in different forms to end it. Ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu have been mentioned in religious texts. Out of which till now 9 incarnations have been born on earth and the tenth incarnation is yet to come. Lord Vishnu will be born on earth in the 10th incarnation as Kalki and many important things have been mentioned in the religious texts regarding his birth. Today i.e. on 19th February, Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of Shri Kalki Temple in the name of Kalki, the 10th incarnation of Lord Vishnu in Sambhal district of Uttar Pradesh.

When will Lord Kalki be born in Kaliyuga? (Kalki Dham Temple)

According to mythological beliefs, Kaliyuga is of 432000 years, the first phase of which is currently going on. When the last phase of Kaliyuga begins, Kalki will incarnate. Like other incarnations of Lord Vishnu, the 10th incarnation Kalki has been described in Matsya Purana. According to this Purana, Lord Kalki will be born on earth in the last phase of Kaliyuga. That means when Kaliyuga is about to end then Lord Vishnu will come to earth in the form of Kalki. Lord Kalki will be born at the end of Kaliyuga before the beginning of Satyayuga i.e. at the junction of both the yugas.

Where will Lord Kalki be born?

According to the information given in the religious scriptures, Lord Kalki, the 10th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, will be born on the fifth day of Shukla Paksha of the month of Sawan. He will be born in a Vishnu devotee Brahmin family in Sambhal district of Uttar Pradesh. According to the scriptures, Lord Kalki will ride on a white horse and destroy the evil ones. The name of his horse will be Devdutt.

Let us tell you that a Kalki Granth is also included in the Hindu scriptures, in which it is told about Kalki, the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to this, Kalki will be full of 64 arts and he will establish religion on earth with a bow and arrow in his hand. Kalki will be born in the last period of Kaliyuga. Kaliyuga will last for 4 lakh 32 thousand years. Right now the first phase of Kaliyuga is going on, out of which 5126 years of Kaliyuga have passed and 426875 years are still left.