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How will the country progress if people fight among themselves? When we say 'Our Constitution, Our Honor', we should also promote fraternity and brotherhood in the country and adopt these ideals in our personal lives. We look down on the people doing cleaning work and misbehave with the office peons. These things were said by Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud.

Actually, CJI Chandrachud had reached a program organized under 'Our Constitution, Our Respect Campaign' in Bikaner, Rajasthan. During this time, he said these things in his address. In his address, he said that people should realize that people who are lower than them professionally or personally should be treated with respect. CJI also presented many examples of this before the people.

He said, 'I often see that people do not look at people junior or younger than them with respect. I will give you an example. People do not respect their drivers and think that they are doing menial jobs. Similarly, we look at people doing cleaning work with inferiority complex and misbehave with office peons.

The CJI also mentioned the decision taken by the Supreme Court last year to change the nomenclature of the post called Jamadar. He said that 'Jamadar' are the court employees who open the door of the judge's car and pull chairs into the courtroom for the judges to sit. CJI told how the name of the post of Jamadars was changed after 75 years.

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