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ISLAMABAD: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, who is currently detained at the Adiala Jail, has made strong allegations against Army Chief General Asim Munir, directly linking him to the incarceration of his wife, Bushra Bibi. The 49-year-old Bibi, facing charges in a corruption case and an illegal marriage with Khan, is currently held at their residence in Bani Gala, Islamabad. In a statement conveyed to journalists via his official social media account on He vehemently warned against any harm befalling his wife, asserting relentless pursuit of General Munir, vowing, “If anything happens to my wife, I will not leave Asim Munir as long as I am alive.”

The case of the founding chairman of the Tehri Insaf Imran Khan speaking to the journalists in the jail: “At the last hearing, the name of the king of the jungle was taken, so today the walls have been made by installing additional glasses in the court,

There is law of the jungle in the country and all this is being done by the king of the jungle – If the king of the jungle wants, then Nawaz Sharif can… — Imran Khan (@ImranKhanPTI) April 17, 2024

Amidst his accusations, Khan painted a grim picture of Pakistan’s current state, denouncing a perceived ‘law of the jungle’ prevailing under the helm of powerful figures. He lambasted the selective application of justice, contrasting the clemency extended to political rivals like Nawaz Sharif with the swift condemnation faced by himself and his party. “If the king of the jungle wants, all the cases of Nawaz Sharif are forgiven, and when he wants, we are punished in three cases in five days,” he alleged.

Touching upon economic matters, Khan advocated for investment-driven stability, critiquing the reliance on IMF loans and emphasizing the need for a conductive legal framework to attract investments. He cited the recent clash between police and army in Punjab’s Bahawalnagar region, highlighting what he deemed as preferential treatment towards the military, further underscoring the erosion of the rule of law.

Additionally, Khan lamented the alleged obstructionism faced by his party in electoral processes, framing resistance against oppression as a form of righteous struggle. He urged party members to safeguard each vote in upcoming by-elections, framing the act as a form of resistance against perceived injustices.

While Khan’s accusations reverberate, the army has yet to respond to these weighty allegations, leaving a cloud of uncertainty hovering over the already tense political landscape.