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Even the one who avoids the colors of this festival cannot escape from the colors and gulal of Holi. Such people make every effort to protect themselves from colors. A lot of oil is applied so that the color does not fade. After playing Holi, we also moisturize ourselves by rubbing ourselves. Never think whether its benefits are more or less. What happens is that as the intoxication of colors subsides, the glow of the skin also goes away. Therefore, it is important to try some such tips which will protect you from the colors of Holi and also take care of your skin.

Use moisturizer: To avoid discoloration, instead of applying a lot of oil, apply a moisturizer that suits you. Apply moisturizer a little more than usual. If the face is moisturized then there will be less fear of discoloration.

Apply nail paint: First of all, keep in mind that do not get nail extensions or designing done around Holi. If the colors of Holi fade away, both your hard work and money will be wasted. Apply nail paint to prevent your nails from getting colored on Holi.

Wearing full sleeves: Choose clothes that have long sleeves and cover your legs completely. For example, you can wear a full sleeve salwar suit. The longer and looser the clothes, the more safe you will be from color.

Drink plenty of water and do not think that you have to play Holi only in the midst of water showers. Be sure to take water breaks between colors and keep drinking water. So that your energy remains intact. You should not feel tired as soon as the festival is over.

Wear sunglasses: Wear sunglasses with large frames. This will protect your eyes from colours. Remember, do not wear contact lenses while playing colors.

Apply oil to your hair: To protect your hair from the effects of colours, apply oil to your hair that suits you. Massage the hair slowly from the roots to the tips of the hair. Don’t forget to wash your hair with shampoo after coloring.