Hathras Stampede Inquiry Report. An ominous incident took place in Fullerai village of Hathras, UP on Tuesday. 121 devotees died in a stampede during Bhole Baba’s satsang. About 150 people are injured. The SDM has now submitted the primary investigation report of this accident to the District Magistrate.

According to the SDM, after the completion of the satsang, the devotees were trying to reach Bhole Baba, but his sevadars and personal guards (Black Commandos) themselves started pushing and shoving. After this, there was a stampede at the venue. In the report, Baba’s personal security personnel have been held responsible.

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The official investigation report of SDM Sikandra Rao Hathras states that one of the possible causes of the stampede is that the devotees tried to touch the feet of Narayan Sakar Vishwa Hari alias Bhole Baba and collect soil from the path passed by him. Baba’s personal security guards and sevadars harassed the crowd which led to the stampede.

DM submitted the report to CM

The SDM submitted this report to the District Magistrate of Hathras and the District Magistrate submitted this report to the Chief Minister. A police case has been registered against 22 organizers regarding this accident. The Chief Minister is currently in Hathras and is reviewing the relief and rescue work. CM Yogi Adityanath also visited the hospital to know the condition of the injured.

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Know these things written in the report

The sub-district magistrate of Sikandrarao has written in his report submitted to the district magistrate of Hathras, “Shri Narayan Sakar Hari Bhole Baba reached the satsang pandal at 12.30 pm and the program went on for an hour. After this, at around 01.40 pm, Narayan Sakar Hari (Bhole Baba) came out of the pandal to go towards Etah on National Highway-91. On the way Bhole Baba was going, satsangi women, men, children etc. started taking his darshan, touching his feet and applying his foot dust on their foreheads as a form of blessing.”

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This is how the atmosphere of chaos was created

“A large number of people were already standing on the divider on the sides and in the middle of GT road to have darshan. They started jumping from the divider and running towards Baba’s vehicle to have darshan. When Baba’s personal security personnel (Black Commandos) and sevadars started pushing the crowd themselves to prevent the crowd from reaching Baba, due to which some people fell down. Even then the crowd did not stop and an atmosphere of chaos was created.”

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