Hathras. There was a stampede among the devotees during the satsang of ‘Bhole Baba’ in Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh. The stampede caused chaos. Corpses were scattered here. So far 134 women and children have died. The death toll may increase. Baba is absconding since the accident. The police is engaged in searching. There is also talk of filing an FIR and taking action against the organizers.

There was a stampede during the satsang of ‘Bhole Baba’ in Fullerai village of Sikandrarao town. Baba’s name is said to be Vishva Hari Bhole Baba. It is being said that he has previously worked in UP Police. Baba is missing since the incident. Despite the large number of deaths, no statement has come from Baba yet. DM and SP were not able to control the situation after the incident and do the rescue work properly. Dead bodies are lying in the hospitals of Etah, Hathras. It is being said that the Chief Secretary and DGP are coming to Hathras, they are on the way right now.

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Helpline number released

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is constantly taking information about the Hathras incident. The administration can file an FIR and take action against Baba and the organizing committee. After the incident, the satsang of Bhole Baba, famous as Narayan Sakar Vishwa Hari, has fled. The police is searching for him. The administration has issued helpline numbers 0572-2227041,42.

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DM said this

On the issue of permission, District Magistrate Ashish Kumar said that permission was given by SDM Sikandrarao. It was a private program. The district administration was responsible for law and order and security. They had made arrangements inside. A high-level investigation committee has been formed.

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