Hajj Yatra 2024: More than 1000 Hajj pilgrims (Hajji) have died so far during the Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. These include 98 Indians. Most of the Hajj pilgrims who lost their lives are from Egypt. It is followed by Indonesia and India. Saudi Arabia is considering the scorching heat as the reason behind these deaths. Because the temperature here is more than 51 degrees. However, Saudi Arabia’s system has come under question regarding the loss of lives on such a large scale during the Hajj pilgrimage. Egypt suspended the licenses of companies taking Hajj pilgrims to Mecca, while some Hajis have raised questions on the health system.

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According to a report, so far 658 pilgrims from Egypt, 200 from Indonesia, 98 from India have lost their lives. Apart from this, pilgrims from Pakistan, Malaysia, Jordan, Iran, Sudan, Iraq have also died. According to a report of Wall Street Journal, many American citizens have also lost their lives in Haj pilgrimage.

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According to Saudi Arabia’s Directorate General of Statistics, more than 1.8 million people arrived during Hajj this year. The Hajj season changes every year according to the Islamic calendar and this year it fell in June, one of the hottest months. According to the AFP report, more than half of those who died were not registered, due to which they could not get facilities like AC tents and buses and the soaring temperature also created a lot of difficulties for the people.

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How many pilgrims went on Haj from India

Foreign Ministry spokesman Randhir Jaiswal said that last year a total of 187 people from India died during the entire Hajj period. He said, “This year 1,75,000 Indian pilgrims have gone to Mecca for Hajj. The Hajj period is from 9 May to 22 July. So far this year 98 people have died. These deaths have occurred due to natural causes, chronic diseases and old age. Six people died on the day of Arafat and four people died due to accidents.

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What is the temperature of Mecca-Medina? This time it is hotter in Saudi Arabia than last year. The temperature has crossed 51 degrees Celsius. Just last week, Saudi’s Meteorological Department recorded the temperature of Mecca-Medina as 51.8 degrees Celsius. There is extreme heat during the day, the night temperature is also being recorded around 40 degrees Celsius, which is increasing the trouble of the pilgrims.

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These are the arguments of the Saudi Arabian Government According to the Saudi Arabian Government, 18 lakh people had registered for the Haj pilgrimage this year. More than half of the Haj pilgrims who died were without registration and had reached Mecca-Medina illegally through travel agents. Since they were not registered, they did not get the facility of air conditioned tents or buses provided by the Saudi Government. The illegal pilgrims had to stay in the open in the scorching heat. According to a report, the pilgrims who have come illegally without registration are being secretly accommodated by the travel agents at such places where there is no arrangement for even electricity and water. Forget about AC, there is not even a fan. In such a situation, the heat is proving to be fatal for them.

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… so that is why they don’t bring the dead body

If the pilgrims who go to Saudi Arabia for Hajj die due to any reason, their bodies are buried there. They are not brought back to their country. There is a belief among the followers of Islam that if a person dies in Mecca during the Hajj pilgrimage, then Allah grants them heaven. People say that along with the customs, some rules and regulations have also been made by the Saudi government for burying the bodies of the pilgrims. This is the reason why the bodies of the Hajj pilgrims who take their last breath in Mecca are not sent to their native country. The bodies are buried in Saudi Arabia itself. Later, the death certificate is sent to the relatives. Arrangements have been made to bury the bodies of Hajj pilgrims in the city of Haramain in Saudi Arabia, but if the relatives of any deceased demand the body, then the local authorities also make arrangements to send the body to their native country.

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