Chhattisgarh Weather Update: Raipur. The weather of Chhattisgarh is going to change after two-three days. The weather department has predicted that from February 11 to February 14, it will be cloudy and there is a possibility of rain. There is no sign of much drop in temperature at present.

There is a possibility of a drop in the minimum temperature in the state today on February 8 due to the effect of cold and dry winds coming from the north. A Western Disturbance is located in the middle troposphere in the form of a trough at an altitude of 5.8 kilometers, at 70 degrees East and 30 degrees North, due to which there is little possibility of a significant drop in the minimum temperature. There is a possibility of dry weather in the state for two-three days and there is no possibility of any significant change in the maximum temperature. But a slight decline is possible.

There may be rain in different areas of the state from February 11 to February 14. The weather of the state was clear on Wednesday. The maximum temperature of the capital Raipur was 30.6 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature recorded here last night was 19.7 degrees Celsius, which is 4 degrees Celsius more than normal.

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