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New Delhi. 6000 rupees every month to women, 72 thousand rupees every year to poor families, restoration of old pension scheme for government employees, recruitment on 30 lakh vacant posts in the central government… these are the promises which Congress will make in its upcoming manifesto. Preparing to include. Also read: CG BREAKING: Woman murdered by slitting her throat in Police Colony

According to experts, Congress, which has been away from power for the last ten years, is this time preparing such a manifesto to remove Narendra Modi from the post of Prime Minister, which till date no other political party would have even thought of implementing, let alone implementing it. For this, the 17-member Manifesto Committee led by Congress leader P Chidambaram has prepared its draft, now preparations are being made to hand it over to the Congress Working Committee. With the approval of the committee, it will take the form of a manifesto.

Important things have come to light in the media regarding the draft of the Congress Manifesto Committee, which we are going to disclose. On the lines of Modi, Congress's focus is on half of the country's population i.e. women, for whom Congress has, in a way, opened the treasury, in which women will be given an allowance of Rs 6000 every month, 33 percent reservation in government jobs, seats in the High Court and the Supreme Court. Things like increase in the number of women judges and cheaper domestic cylinders are included.

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Talking about the youth, for them, apart from recruitment in 30 lakh vacant posts in the Central Government, Congress also included making the applications for government jobs free and also closing down the Agniveer Yojana for recruitment in the army. Apart from this, issues like issuing job calendar, strict legal action against paper leaks and giving allowance for skill training are also included.

Talking about backward classes, there is talk of increasing the reservation limit for OBC along with conducting caste based census. It also includes a promise to implement the recommendations of the Sachar Committee for minorities. There is talk of making a law in the name of Rohit Vemula against discrimination for Dalits.

The Congress draft also includes big things for poor families, which include giving Rs 72 thousand every year to every poor family under the Minimum Income Guarantee Scheme made in the last elections, and increasing the daily wage of MNREGA to Rs 400. There is talk of starting scholarships for children from poor families related to sports.

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Congress has also not ignored the issue of farmers. While preparing to march to Delhi to implement MSP guarantee for 23 crops, the big issue of giving legal status to MSP is being included by understanding the plight of the farmers of the entire country through the farmers of Punjab sitting on the Haryana border. .

Talking about common people, there is talk of starting a health insurance scheme in the entire country on the lines of Chiranjeevi Yojana of Rajasthan. Apart from this, efforts are also made to control inflation and increase employment.

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