A huge Shivalinga has been found in the sea in Bharuch, Gujarat. This Shivalinga is said to be of about one quintal. Actually, the fishermen had come to the sea to catch fish. Meanwhile this Shivalinga got trapped in their net. When the fishermen brought Shivalinga to the sea shore after a lot of hard work, they were surprised. Now a huge crowd has gathered to see it. Police force has been deployed to control the crowd.

The matter is of Kavi village under Jambusar tehsil, Gujarat. Here 10 fishermen had come into the sea to fish. For this, as soon as he threw the net, he felt something heavy. They thought perhaps some big fish was trapped. The fishermen started pulling the net, which had become very heavy. Somehow when he took out the net, he first found something like a heavy stone. When the entire net came out, there was Shivalinga inside it. This Shivalinga is said to be made of crystal.

The investigation so far has revealed that due to the recent high tide, this Shivalinga might have come above the surface of the water. Due to which it easily got trapped in the nets of fishermen. Along with this, local people say that signs of Sheshnag have also been found on Shivling. Local religious organizations are now thinking of establishing it somewhere near Kavi village. People are saying that this Shivalinga is made of crystal, although nothing is clear. Currently its investigation is going on.