New Year: Xiaomi, a consumer electronics company, is advising its customers about the potential hazards of utilizing liquid-based UV screen protectors on smartphones equipped with curved displays. Despite the advantages these protectors may offer, there is a risk of causing harm to the device and invalidating its warranty.

The curved shape of the screen limits the availability of regular adhesive-based tempered glass protectors, posing a challenge in finding suitable options for numerous phone models. While traditional screen protectors may provide protection against scratches, they do not offer any defense against accidental drops or impacts. (Also Read: Google Pauses Gemini’s People Image Feature After Anti-‘Woke’ Backlash)

This situation results in liquid-based UV screen protectors being the sole choice for devices featuring curved displays. Applying these protectors can be risky and may potentially harm your device. (Also Read: Gmail’s Alternative Xmail Is Coming Soon, Says Elon Musk)

Redmi India, as stated on X platform advises users to explore alternatives to liquid UV adhesive protectors for optimal performance on curved display smartphones. They caution that these UV protectors could interfere with device functionality and may ruin the device’s warranty status.

Note on Liquid UV Screen Protectors.
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— Redmi India (@RedmiIndia) February 22, 2024

Redmi’s Caution: UV Glue Application Risks

Redmi is issuing the warning because UV protectors involve a curing process with UV glue that, if applied incorrectly, can seep into delicate parts of the device like speakers and buttons. This could cause problems such as unexpected restarts, button malfunctions, and speaker noise.

Installation Risks: Glue Seepage and Device Damage

The issue arises during installation when the glue used to adhere the protector may unintentionally enter the device’s delicate components. Once hardened with UV light, this glue can solidify in these areas, leading to damage and potentially invalidating the device’s warranty.

The Rise of UV Screen Protectors

UV screen protectors became popular with the emergence of smartphones with curved screens because regular adhesive-based protectors were incompatible with such designs. Although UV protectors provide enhanced coverage and durability, incorrect installation can result in significant issues.

Although UV protectors can offer effective protection when applied correctly, the risks associated with incorrect installation are significant. For users who prioritize maintaining warranty coverage while seeking protection, traditional screen protectors may be a safer choice, despite providing less defense against impacts.