New Delhi: Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared that Threads, Meta’s text-based conversation app, has achieved a milestone with over 130 million monthly active users. This figure surpasses the peak levels Threads experienced immediately after its launch in July 2023.

During Meta’s earnings call, Zuckerberg expressed his optimism regarding Threads’ continued growth, emphasizing ongoing improvements and increasing user engagement. He highlighted that the current active user count exceeds the initial surge observed at the app’s launch. (Also Read: Dating In Digital Era: Russian Man Unveils ChatGPT’s Role In Crafting His Love Story, Read)

Back in July 2023, Zuckerberg had ambitious plans for Threads, envisioning it as Meta’s next billion-user platform alongside established platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. While it’s still early days, Threads seems to be making significant strides. (Also Read: India’s Stock Exchanges Cut Paytm Daily Trading Limits To 10% After Rout)

In comparison to X (formerly Twitter) with around 550 million monthly active users, Threads has room for growth. Meta is actively investing to scale the app, addressing initial usage decline issues by swiftly introducing key features like keyword search and multiple account support.

Meta’s focused efforts on enhancing Threads with features such as editing capabilities, voice posts, improved discovery, and more have yielded positive results.

Daily downloads nearly tripled to 28 million in December. The app’s expansion into the EU and increased integration with Instagram profiles further contributed to its growth.

Looking ahead, Meta’s CFO stated that the company is committed to scaling Threads’ community even further by introducing additional features and enhancements throughout 2024.