New Delhi: The tech giant Google is celebrating the 7th and final phase of polling of the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 with a special Google Doodle today on June 1, 2024. The India election-themed Google Doodle depicts a voter’s hand with electoral ink applied to the forefinger, a commonly used symbol of polling.

Notably, Google has consistently celebrated similar doodles throughout the previous six phases of voting in India’s 18th Lok Sabha Elections 2024.

Users who click on the Doodle are directed to search results related to the latest updates on the ongoing 7th phase of the Lok Sabha Elections in India. As we know, the last phase of the Lok Sabha elections is currently underway, with voting being held in 57 constituencies across eight states and one union territory.

This phase marks the conclusion of the general elections that commenced on April 19 and has already covered six phases and 486 Lok Sabha seats. The campaigning for the 7th phase of the Lok Sabha polls was completed on Thursday.

During the final phase of the Lok Sabha polls, PM Modi attended over 200 campaign events like rallies and roadshows in 75 days. Meanwhile, the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi participated in more than 100 rallies and public events. It is important to note that the Congress chief Kharge also held over 100 rallies, and 20 press conferences, and had over 70 interviews and media interactions.

In the last phase of the Lok Sabha elections, 904 candidates are in the fray from these 57 constituencies, with over 10 crore people eligible to vote.

What are Google Doodles?

Google Doodles are temporary changes made to the homepage of the Google logo. These changes are crafted to pay tribute to a range of local and global themes, including holidays, important dates, and impactful figures who have made notable contributions to society.